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 Welcome to Clock a Dial, specialists in the sale,purchase and restoration of antique clocks.
  Our clocks are all in their original condition, with only the minimum restoration necessary being done to them. All movements are in good, clean working order and we give a 1 year guarantee with every clock we sell.
 We also offer a full dial restoration service for your grandfather, mantle or wall clock. Please contact us and we can assess your needs.
 Below is a list of clocks not yet on the web site in various states of restoration. Details and photographs can be supplied if you contact us with your enquiry.

Thomas Lister of Halifax.Brass moondial.
30 hour.Circa 1780.
Martyn Taylor of Staithes.Painted dial.
30 hour.Circa 1780.
J.Whitham of Sheffield.Square brass dial.
30 hour.Circa 1760.
Michael Heaton of Bierley (Bradford).Brass moondial.30 hour.Circa 1760.
W.Ewebank of Elland.Square brass moondial.
30 hour.Circa 1780.
Prince of Leeds.Still arch painted dial.
8 day.Circa 1800.
Joseph Batty of Halifax.Painted moondial.
8 day.Circa 1780.
P.Bedell of Hull.Still arch painted dial.
8 day.Circa 1800.
James Todd of Bradford.Square brass dial.
30 hour.Circa 1800.
John Swinburne of Hexham.Still arch painted dial.30 hour.circa 1780.
Thomas Martin of Thirsk.Still arch painted dial.
30 hour.Circa 1790.
Wm Snow of Otley.Still arch painted dial.
30 hour.circa 1780.
Roberts of Otley.Square brass dial.
30 hour (Skeletonised movement).Circa 1750.
Stephenson of Congleton.Square brass dial.
8 day.Circa 1760.
J.Batty of Halifax.Brass moondial.
8day.Circa 1770.
Miller of Edinburgh.Brass dial.
8day.Circa 1780.
Geo Goodall of Tadcaster.Painted moon roller dial.
8 day.Circa 1780.  SOLD
Blaylock of Longtown.Painted moon roller dial.
8 day.Circa 1800.  SOLD

Just one of our many clocks ...

London Longcase Clock

The unusual dial having a sunburst strike silent aperture.
The case being of rich flame mahogany with a 5 pillar 8 day movement.
Circa 1775.
Height to the top of the finial - 96 inches.


All our clocks come with a full one year's guarantee!

Please contact us for terms and conditions.




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